Saskatchewan Research Showcase: Virtual Speed Networking for Patient-Oriented Research

Wednesday, November 18 3:00 - 4:30

Moderator: Chris Plishka

Workshop Description: 

The Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research (SCPOR) is pleased to present a Virtual Speed Networking event, taking place as part of the Saskatchewan Health Research Showcase 2020. This is an exciting and engaging virtual event that provides patients, family members and community-based organizations the opportunity to meet and network with researchers interested in pursuing patient-oriented research in a virtual environment.

Patient-oriented research occurs in partnership with patients, their families, caregivers and communities. It answers research questions that matter to patients and aims to improve health care. Patient-oriented research includes two critical elements: The first is the inclusion of patients and family members as partners on research teams throughout the research process. The second is the inclusion of decision makers (including policy makers and health authority leaders) and health care practitioners throughout the research process. The goal of patient-oriented research is to have patients, families, clinicians, researchers and policy-makers work together to identify research topics, perform the research, then use the results of that research to improve patient care and the health system.

This event will:

  • Create opportunities for discussion and networking between patients, community groups, researchers, health system leaders, clinicians and others interested in patient-oriented research.

  • Generate new ideas for patient-oriented research projects that meet needs identified by patients, families and community-based organizations.


What you can expect during the event:

Patients, families, community-based organizations and all other attendees will be given a brief introduction to patient-oriented research. After this, there will be a structured speed networking activity that attendees will participate in.

Each attendee will be paired with a partner and have an opportunity to share their name, the group they are affiliated with (patient, family, community organization, etc.) and indicate their research interests or areas in which they would like to see change. Each partner will have a few minutes to exchange their information. After this, everyone will switch partners and repeat the process with a new attendee. Each conversation will last only a few minutes.

The goal:

To determine if there is potential to make a new research connection!